The Story

The darkest days of Falicia were heralded in by the rise of the Dark Lord Bleda, a demon from another dimension. For over a hundred years the realm of Tinderfeld was oppressed and forced into constant misery. The Dark Lord enjoyed watching bloodshed like as though it were a sport, causing the f our regions to spend most of their time mired in pointless fighting to entertain him. Nations that had been at peace with one another for hundreds

of years were plunged into the darkest days. The leaders of a few nations appreciated Bleda cruelty, but the people in those lands did not agree with their rulers. These nations cashed in on the opportunity to gain the Dark Lord favor because it gave them justification in attacking nations that they had always failed to conquer.

As a demon, there were many things the Dark Lord did not understand; things about people that would lead to his undoing. Even those who served him loyally were killed without regard. An underground movement began among the nations that wanted only peace and in time it grew into a resistance movement.

At the time it was thought that the people who rose against the Dark Lord were insane because they called themselves Bleda Bane. Such open hostility toward Bleda was thought to be a suicidal, but the heroes who emerged at the head of the group were not known for being rational. Most of them were peacekeepers in their own nations. A few were simply wanderers who understood the full reach of the Dark Lord. One of the heroes was a complete mystery. Together they rose and took down Bleda in a glorious revolution.

As a demon, the Dark Lord could not die. Once they won, the heroes of Bleda Bane had to deal with how to take care of the demon. That was when they made their big mistake. They turned over their prisoner to the nations that he had ruled. Now the heroes may not have gotten along perfectly, but they rarely fell into physical fights to make decisions. The nations were less mature.

Despite his imprisonment, the Dark Lord soon found that people would entertain him on their own. Kings and emperors lashed out at each other. Knights and Templars even spilled some blood on the peacekeeper floor in response to nsults.It was then that the Dark Lord Bleda began to form a new plan. The more the nations fought in front of him, the more he learned. None of the nations trusted the other nations enough to keep the Dark Lord safe.

Unfortunately, the heroes had already gone about their various ways. Some went home to enjoy the first hints of peace they had seen in 100 years. Others went about making mischief.

The wanderers returned to their roaming. And the mysterious hero Antrilian the Light Hand disappeared entirely. When the nations finally arrived at a solution, construction of Bleda prison began. By this point, Bleda had learned enough about his captors to trick them into doing as he wanted them to do. He whispered words of encouragement, and then made recommendations to engineers. He slept walked through the dreams of the rulers, convincing them that they needed to create more of a labyrinth for his prison. It took nearly a decade to complete the work, and in the end the Dark Lord was pleased.

Once the prison was ready, the Dark Lord drew from his own demon realm to create a prison not for himself, but for his captors. By the time the nations realized they had been tricked, the world had already begun to fall once again into chaos.

The Heroes of Bleda Bane may not have stuck around to help with his imprisonment, but they knew enough about their nations not to trust them to imprison the Dark Lord properly. When it became clear that the world was again falling to the Dark Lord, they had a plan for how to deal with him. What the heroes did not expect was that the Dark Lord had made plans for how to deal with them.

The heroes met in the Forest of Catharna. When they arrived they found that only 14 of them had arrived. Antrilian of the Light Hand was missing. As they discussed how to proceed, a figure emerged from the shadows and introduced himself as Atropos the Dark Hand. From this mysterious creature they learned that Antrilian had been a light demon from the same realm that Bleda came from and that Antrilian had been sent to take down Bleda. Following the success of the group, Antrilian had gone on holiday for 100 years. Vacation was not something that the heroes understood, and they were ready to continue waiting for Antrilian when the first wave of attacks started.

Atropos was the first to notice. As he pointed to a corrupted creature staggering towards the Heroes of Bleda Bane, he told them that this time taking down the Dark Lord would not be so easy.

Whether they liked it or not, they would have to settle for Atropos the Dark Hand. He was not as funny as Antrilian had been and he wore a mask with a frown. The heroes mumbled as they turned their attention to the dark creatures ambling toward them. Once the first wave was crushed, Atropos told the Heroes of Bleda Bane that this time they would need to seal Bleda away to keep their world safe. To do that, they needed 15 artifacts that Antrilian had scattered around the world before going on vacation. When asked why Antrilian had scattered such valuable items, Atropos mumbled that the Light Hand had never been one for organization. So began the new fight.